Sandwich & Snack Show & Parizza 2023 are preparing their big shows for April 12th and 13th

Leading fairs in the Italian snacking and catering market, Sandwich & Snack Show and Parizza have just raised the curtain on the program of a 2023 edition that promises to be colourful. New highlights and innovations include the French Pasta and Aperitif Championships, the Snacking Grands Prix including the famous Snack Academy, the Franchise of the Year, the Digital Snacking Prize, the Snacking Figure of the year or even the ‘Eco-responsible Initiative of the year. Not to mention the new Plant Challenge, Barista Masterclasses and Snacking Avenue. Request the program!

This year the Sandwich & Snack Show and Parizza fairs, which will be held in Paris, Porte de Versailles, on April 12 and 13, reserve us an anthology of novelties. It must be said that with its 270 exhibitors, this great mass of Italian fast food and catering continues to seduce an increasingly vast public of decision-makers, coming from all walks of life and from all over France (58% Ile-de-France/ 42% Province) to research innovation, find suppliers (94%) and sniff out new market trends for more than 8 out of 10. And to allow them to optimize their visit and to take advantage of an even more lively and convivial event, the RX organizing teams have not been idle this year. On the agenda, not only meetings, conferences and key competitions but also, this year, a whole series of new challenges and prizes that promise to further strengthen the positioning and uniqueness of these two shows.

“We want to install a new dynamic around a multitude of events and competitions that testify to the dynamism of our sectors and their players”, Béatrice Gravier, general manager of the Sandwich & Snack Show and of Parizza.

Key encounters, forge of inspiration

A veritable toolbox for setting up one’s business, sourcing and learning about the latest trends, the show will offer a packed program of conferences (including the latest Speak Snacking study by CHD Datassential), reflecting industry news on the Zapping space. A host of experts will follow one another on Thursday and Friday, from 9:30 to 18:00 to decipher the themes of the moment, from the energy crisis and the surge in raw materials, to reusable packaging, digital technology, the greening of food or the growth of alternative circuits such as bakeries. Innovation remains one of the main catalysts for visitors who will be able to discover all the latest releases from the stands, but also explore the Snacking d’Or by France Snacking space where the 2023 winners will be exhibited. concepts of the moment will be highlighted through two major events: the famous Snack Academy which discovers and crowns the fast food croquettes, these places open throughout the year and which cannot be missed or the BRA Trophies which reward the concepts selected by the editorial staff of the magazine.

Key Competitions as Driving Forces…

The fever does not stop rising during these two days in which many competitions, challenges and masterclasses will take place. You will, of course, find the usual appointments such as the French Pizza Championship who will organize his 17And editing. Industry reference, nearly 130 competitors will compete over 2 days where demonstrations will not lack panache. A new event will appear: sweet pizza with a jury that this year will also include the baker Jean-Francois Feuillette and the pastry chef Christopher Adam. Same effervescence expected for Socopa French Burger Cup which will not fail, as usual, to attract crowds. The 25 finalists will try to decide on April 12, preparing a regional burger that looks like them but on the theme, this year, of the Rock’n Burger. Finally for his 6And edition, the French Sushi Championship will crown the best sushiman of the year among 10 contestants.

And many new appointments

To affirm their leadership in Italian snacking and catering and to make themselves even more essential, the two salons will increase the number of events and professional battles with many new competitions appearing at the forefront, the French championship of pasta to be held on April 12 in a brand new space. This competition organized by the APF and dedicated to pasta will reward 3 types of dry pasta from the Barilla Al Bronzo range (Orecchiette, Trofie, Casarecce). The 20 selected candidates will compete in 4 rounds in front of a jury chaired by Gabriel Ravasio. Another championship that sees the light on the SSS, the 1um French championship of aperitif dishes. As this moment of consumption continues to grow and the French are confirming their taste for cured meats, it will come to celebrate the art of the aperitif. Organized in collaboration with Rovagnati, will be held on April 12 from 3 to 5 pm on the theme of artist painting. 5 candidates selected in the archive will be invited to come and compete on 3 tests.

In these two days, 5 Grands Prix will also be awarded, 4 of which are new, which will crown the best concepts for 2022 (Snack Academy), which franchise of the yearwho Snack figure of the year (vote on the site), which the Digital Award in partnership with the Prix du CHR digital de l’année and that lEco-responsible initiative of the yearin collaboration with the essential Restauration21.

A plant challenge, a Barista masterclass and a road dedicated to concepts

Another great novelty of this 2023 vintage, the first Vegetable challenge which will echo the growing trend of greening foods and the rise of alternatives to animal proteins. Under the direction of a jury which will include among its members the committed baker Rudolph Landemainebut also a chef and other actors including France Snackingit will be up to the 4 selected candidates to carry out 3 tests including a snacking specialty, a revisited classic and a freestyle/fun recipe.

In addition to plant growth, coffee has established itself as an essential commercial lever in fast food. For this reason, the show has dedicated a masterclass to him on Thursday 13 April. After a 45-minute keynote, led by France Snacking, a demonstration workshop with Illy Café will allow you to learn more about the art of making good coffee and other gourmet and iced drinks. Finally, because fast food is growing rapidly and the networks are real accelerators of development, a “ avenue of snacks » will be dedicated to them where they can introduce themselves but also have their specialties tasted. “We will be in test and learning mode with this route in an experimental logic“, explains Béatrice Gravier who wants to make this space a lively place for discovery and tasting.

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