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Where do you take your photos at?

I come to you or where you choose. I have a little mobile studio I can pack around or we can find an interesting place close to you. It’s really your choice.

Can we take the photos at more than one location?

Sure, that is fine. But two hours isn’t much time, I would say one to two location is best.

Do you travel?

Within Hong Kong at my own expense and anywhere else if you are willing to cover the expenses.

How do I schedule a session?

Call/Whatsapp the phone number or send me an email. I will get back to as soon as I can.

Will we own the copyrights to the images from our session?

No. I retain the copyright to the images I take, however, a personal print release is issued so that you can use the images for personal printing, social media, etc.

When is the best time to have a session photographed?

Outdoors, the best light for portraits is early morning or before sunset. Parks and urban locations are a great choice.
If children will be in the photos, pick a time when children are relaxed but energetic and won’t need to eat or nap.

Where will my session be?

Your choice. Pick somewhere that you find beautiful. Easy access is important when dealing with children or pregnant women, and also consider the time of year. But ultimately pick somewhere that reflects your personality and style.

What if the weather is horrible?

It’s true, sadly I can’t control the weather. But I can use it to create some fun and unique portraits. If you are feeling adventurous I am up for anything. If not, we can talk, and move indoors or find a location that will work.

How long will the session last?

A standard session is two-hour, or a little longer or shorter depending on how everyone is feeling.

What do we wear?

Keep it simple. Small patterns photograph funny and should be avoided. I would suggest solid colors with great textures and layers! Also, pick a color theme and go with it. You can find some examples on my Pinterest board. Accessories are great as well, bring several jackets, scarves, sunglass or whatever else you want to!

How long till we can see the images?

I ask for three weeks. However, after taking the images, I can’t wait to work on them. In general, depending on how many photos are taken I will have them done in about a week.

Do you retouch your images?

Yes! I offer two different options, basic and premium edits. I do not do major body sculpting or things that look unnatural. I believe we are all beautiful and will keep images as natural looking as possible.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, I request that all clients sign a contract and a model release form.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, 50% of the original price for the session is required as a deposit. A photo session is not considered booked until the deposit is made. Deposits are nonrefundable.

What types of payments do you accept?

I accept cash, check, direct deposit, or Paypal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”中文” tab_id=”1523340334270-db8284a5-e572″][vc_column_text]




當然可以。 但是對於一天時間來說,如果在戶外拍攝的話,我們只有數個小時能有最佳的自然光效果。所以,如要在戶外拍攝的話,我見意每日只到一個地點拍攝為最佳。




你可以透過Whatsapp 、打電話、或電子郵件預約拍攝時間。我會馬上回覆。








不幸的是我只會攝影,不懂控制天氣。但是,我願意透過這些特別及有趣的天氣情況拍攝。(例如﹕下雨的照片……) 如果你都有興趣的話,我是完全沒有問題的。否則,我們可以用電話再聯絡,可能找個室內的地方或另找地點。




簡約為佳。要避免穿太多印花的衣物,否則拍出來會比較奇怪。我會見議穿一些純色和帶有些質感和層次感的衣物。而且,選同一個顏色的系列。如果你需要一些衣服配答秘訣,歡迎到我的Pinterest board 尋找一些靈感。至於配飾方面,你可以帶備幾款不同的外套、頸巾、太陽眼鏡或任何你最喜歡的飾物。










需要。訂金將是你原本拍攝價目的一半 (50%),就算是特價的價錢,都需要付原本拍攝價目50%的訂金。

只有被確認下了訂金才算是成功預約。 而訂金是不能被退還的。